For several decades, a large clientele has placed their trust in our artisan dyers. Whether for a mother, or for a great designer, we provide attentive and particular care to each garment or textile cleaned.

Our common thread is to offer the best at its true value, and we offer our customers a journey, in our store on Avenue Louise, to the heart of elegance, truth, and beauty.

And as our clothes all come from great designers and or renowned craftsmen, we have used the services of Teintuerie de la Senne for over 30 years, because it has expertise in cleaning precious fabrics.

- La Maison Degand

For decades, Maison Natan has dressed crowned heads and women in search of elegance and beauty. For years Edouard Vermeulen has been searching for unique fabrics that transcend the beauty of dresses & suits.

And to clean these haute couture clothes, he calls on the Teinturerie de la Senne, for its expertise in processing precious and exclusive textiles.

- Natan