Our Services

Our Services

Textile cleaning

Our company specializes in cleaning high fashion clothing. In fact, great designers take care to mix fabrics and decorative elements, which makes cleaning very difficult. We are artisans: each garment is cleaned to measure.

Cleaning carpets is part of our expertise. Whether your rug is mechanical or handmade, they will always be treated in an artisanal manner. Threshing and cleaning will be done manually. And in order to respect your carpets, and restore their original colors.

Rugs & Carpets


Scratches, color alternations, wrinkles are part of the unique appearance of your leather. You shouldn't worry about it. However, to keep it for the longest time, you have to take care of it. And the Teinturerie de la Senne will treat them with care for their cleaning and waterproofing.

Over time, dust and stains can alter the beauty of your curtains. Cleaning them is important, and to do this we master the ingredients and have the know-how to clean them without damaging them. And we also offer pick up and hang up service.

Hangings & Curtains


We also clean all your furniture (old or new) or lampshades. Whether for your couches or chairs, over time the stains accumulate. Treatment of these is necessary, and in this case we use appropriate cutting-edge techniques.

We also offer a laundry service. Whether for your sheets and household linens, we will wash them with the greatest care. If you do not have time to come to us, we will come to your home: we will take your household linen and bring it back to you once washed.